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Wondering how to start a successful online business?

Warning: choosing the wrong idea to work on can be time-consuming, stressful, and an expensive lesson.

So having some way to quickly filter out multiple ideas to decide on what project or business you should be working on is critical.

That’s why we invited serial entrepreneur Nachum Kligman, co-founder of Book Like A Boss, to share his story and his tips for starting a successful online business.

Listen in now.

Nachum Kligman is a visionary entrepreneur, brand builder, marketer and business consultant through his company, Ideago LLC. He has founded or co-founded more than twenty companies and entrepreneurial projects such as Book Like A Boss, Viewbix, ZipUp Inc, NextDor Inc., and others.

He is the only man in history to own a Pizza Store on Rechov Mea She’arim (one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Israel).

He also has a very successful weekly podcast, “The Frum Entrepreneur,” which is consistently one of the top Jewish podcasts on iTunes.

3 Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • How being bullied as a kid became the greatest gift of Nachum’s life
  • How a failed business led to the birth of Book Like A Boss (and how failure can lead to your success too)
  • How to choose which business ideas or projects to invest time, money and energy on


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A-Ha! Quotes from This Episode:

Prayer is not to get you out of trouble. Trouble is to get you into prayer. - Rabbi Hutner Click To Tweet

I didn’t realise, I didn’t know, that I could stand up for myself, that I could fight back. Click To Tweet

You should act and work your job as if you were the CEO, and that’s the same to all areas of your life. You have to have the attitude that you’re the CEO of your life. Click To Tweet

I saw good people that were either throwing good money at bad ideas, or they weren’t the right people to run those ideas. Click To Tweet

The first thing that you have to see is… Is there somebody willing to pay for your product or service at a price point that you can become profitable? Click To Tweet


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Hi, founders. I’m Cindy and I’m Anthony. And we’re here to talk about how to start a business exactly with we’ve got our special guest today on the show. His name is Nachum Kligman. I hope I’ve got that right. Yes, great. Just a bit of a background so his home is a visionary entrepreneur brand marketer and this is consultants through his company book like a boss and we’re very excited to talk about business building.

And productivity, and all the cool things that very smart and clever entrepreneurs should know about. So welcome to the show. Thanks so much for having me. It’s great to be here. A couple of interesting tidbits I found on your bio, was that you were the first person in history to own a pizza store on rituals. Neha is ensuring they assure just one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, I believe. Yeah, it’s an ultra orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem, where they really shy away from any type of places that have social gatherings. A pizza place was pretty much band for a while till I opened up one I did have value that it was banned, again. Interesting. So what made you want to go and do that I always want to have my own restaurants. And at the time I was a cook in a school and, you know, I always wanted to have my own business. And even as a young kid, I always dabbled in catering. And though you know, I love people.

I love interacting with people I love almost always creative and love creating new dishes, etc. and the opportunity came was actually someone else had the store and he asked me to come as a partner and He had mono, which I didn’t know at the time. But about a month later he had the back out and he sold me his 50% of the store. And that’s how I got started with it. Well, fantastic. So do you have your own like special pizza recipe? The pizza, you know, there’s only so much you can do with it. I did have a couple of creative dishes. One was a recipe called a milky children’s. Probably your listeners are not familiar with children’s but it’s a traditional Jewish dish and it’s usually made with me to beans and barley and potatoes and I made it instead of meat. I made it with cheese, mozzarella, pizza cheese, and I was actually quite tasty. There you go. All right now I want to try it.

Okay. So now another interesting bit about you is you also have your own successful weekly podcast called the from a from entrepreneur and pretty much okay which is consistently one of the top Jewish podcasts and iTunes. Could you just share with us in our audience what is the from entrepreneur? Sure, so much so. The name of my book called The from entrepreneur through the geared towards the Jewish orthodox audience that I’m most well known in. And from means orthodox means somebody that follows the laws of the Torah. And so what I do is I, when I interview different entrepreneurs and talk about business, and in my book itself, I imbue tour ethics into the discussion. I love that, right? Yeah, we’re getting a cultural lesson here right now. So thank you for sharing with us. Pleasure. So, okay, now seen it? You’ve got a question? Of course, I love this question. So on a scale of one to 10 How weird I you last?

I try to hide my weirdness in the public guy. But I think everybody you know, one person’s weird is another person’s genius. Right? And so really depends on who the audiences Yes, my wife should probably say like, 10. Yeah, yeah, it has my kids. I don’t know, I guess.

If yc what makes me weird? I don’t know if it’s weird. But, you know, something that helped shape me as a business person is not really caring what other people thought about me. And because I didn’t have that I never held back from doing things you’re trying things that other people may think is weird or crazy or like, what are you doing type stuff. And so I always stood out from that in my entrepreneurial career. When I was a counselor in camp, you know, I did things that people didn’t even think about, you know, and I know it’s weird, just different, but I like to think differently and do differently. That’s totally weird.  Wise, just behind the scenes. Yeah, I think Cindy can resonate with that message.

Fantastic. Do you have a quote that drives you? Is there a sort of a quote or saying or phrase from your faith or from just somewhere that really drives you as a human being, you know what, there is a great quote and we have to in a second I’ll just say that everybody in life when you listen to podcasts usually or you read articles about people, you’ll be here but the good stuff miscellaneous hear about the challenges and everything, but every single person is human. I mean, that’s what makes us people. We don’t have life’s challenges. One of the quotes I really like is prayer is not to get you out of trouble. Trouble is to get you into prayer. Oh, I like it. And that’s by a rabbi Rabbi Hoffner and it really resonates with me people think you know, you have problems and stuff but really you know what God wants from us is to connect with him and sometimes trouble will come in order to get us to connect with him I think our vision I without understand so soon he’s looking at me while she’s saying that so I don’t know what she’s suggesting. But yes, trouble has common definitely has come and size that’s a fantastic court. Thank you. You’re welcome. So I’m you spend your guys’s mentor in life or career and what did you learn from them as a great question. The way I’ll answer is I’ll tell you some advice I got that really was life altering for me. And it happened at a young age when I was younger. I was bullied a lot as a kid.

And you know, by neighborhood bully, and this is going back obviously, like 40 years ago, 40 Yeah, maybe started like 3540 years ago, and this kid would come in, he beat me up and make fun of me all the time. And I remember must have been about 11 years old or so when he beat me up again. And I remember going to my house crying, and my grandmother was in the room. And she said to me, she said, Why are you crying? I said, because you know, this guy, he beat me up and he always beats me up and I just can’t take it anymore. And she said something to me that was very profound and actually altered my life. She said to me, hit him back in label one of minutes and said I could hit him back like I didn’t realize I didn’t know that I could stand up for myself. I didn’t know that you could fight off a bully and they could fight back and so what happened was the next time he attacked me next time he jumped on me. I started pounding him I just let years of a Christian off into my start punching in been kicking him and just getting all my frustration out of him and I remember him you know looking up at me after I did this and he said to me What took you so long?

Oh and it was very empowering because as I walked away I realized my life at that point never be the same I realized that wow I have power I have strength I can fight back I can take this world you know by the horns and make it my own and it was a pretty good passive kid very good kid and so this attitude actually today we call prostitute which we’ll get to later that’s you know one of the themes of our company he’s having prostitute and everybody being a boss of their lives and you know taking control their lives but you know, got me into a lot of trouble because you know, with this empowerment just me feel so powerful that I started not caring what anyone else thought I didn’t care what teachers thought I didn’t care what principles did I didn’t care of my parents that unfortunately you know, as learning curve the is a little too much at one time. And you know, definitely regret a lot of stuff. You know, for my past today, you know, I definitely toned it down. And I realized there is a greater power in this world than you do have to answer for your actions.

But at the time, you know, as far as an entrepreneur and starting a business as a Reid Hoffman system, LinkedIn starting a business is like jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down, right? You have to be a risk taker, you have to be able to put up with the nose and put up the people that are putting it down, say, No, you can’t do you can’t do it. And whenever you hear that, it just makes it even more Yeah, yeah, no, I think what I’m really connecting to think of sharing your story. First of all, the part that I really resonate with is how often do we say no to ourselves? And and that’s a big one that we need to work through. I mean, external voices, but the internal voice is often louder. Absolutely. I think that’s what holds a lot of people back is that they feel they can succeed. There’s a fear of failure is a fear of what other people are going to say, once you remove that if you don’t care what other people are going to say.

Then, you know, wife’s limit. I mean, you can just do whatever you want, obviously, within your religious and legal rules, right? But in terms of, you know, holding you back the things that hold back people, you know, successful entrepreneurs are successful because they’re not hold back. Nobody can tell them. No, they just move forward. And they’re not afraid that knows we’re not afraid of failure, right? If you’re not afraid of failure, and you just look at the success that’s what keeps you going, especially through the hard times, which we talked about before. Absolutely. Alright, so now let’s talk about your boss of June and your love that so what is book like a boss and for our audience here, how did you guys begin? Great question. So book like a boss started at a this one after being in high tech for about 20 years. You know, one of my children is special needs, he has cerebral palsy and used to draw a lot and he always were big. And then there’s about 11 years old or so I said, you know, why should the liberal kid be wearing a bid and I tried to look for alternatives out there. They basically they had like handkerchiefs or stuff you could wrap around the neck, but there was nothing

There was inclusive that, you know, made him feel like everyone else. Yeah. And so I went out to create a shirt that actually had a big on the inside so it’s quick try antibacterial was made from bamboo and it was you know something that he aware and I feel embarrassed and actually launched the campaign on Kickstarter which did pretty well and I realized that there was a need you know around the world for you know good quality shirts that you know had the big on the inside so I turned the Kickstarter into a company and in it as long story I’ll try to make it short but the bottom line is you know manufacturing in China ended up being a nightmare and I had some bad investors have promised me the world and then broke every promise like you know a month later and so the company closed down and I’d put like two and a half years and a lot of my life savings into the company and you know when I was done you know when you start a company put everything into it you put your you know every second every breath you know goes into building the company it’s like another child and After this one failed. I said, You know what, let me take a break from starting companies.

I had a book I wanted to write, which we talked about before in the podcast, and I wanted some consulting and help other people before I got back into the grind of starting company. And what happened was, is because of the book, and because of the podcast, I started getting phone calls and emails all the time from people ask me, How can I take out for coffee coming to lunch, you know, can I pick your brain etc. And I wish there was a way that I could just send somebody a link that says, hey, this is who I am, here’s my calendar, they could book me and pay for it all in one place and that we would cut down on time and people that were serious about booking me with pay my $200 at Scientology dollars an hour fee, they would learn more about me see testimonials, etc. And there was no software that really existed out there that did that sure that we’re, you know, calendar apps out there but I wanted like a full experience so I tried building myself from WordPress and that ended up being a nightmare trying to get the calendar to work with PayPal and stripe and get the video to go.

And look at a mobile and all these different things. And as I said, you know,let me just ask an expert to do it. And I got a quote for about $3,000. I said, Forget, I’m not paying $3,000 to build this page. And as I’m thinking about this, a friend of mine who’s sisters, and as soon as he knows me, and informs me an email from a sister, she said, You know what, I’m not technical at all. But is there an easy platform, I could just list these are the massages I will offer. You know, here’s my calendar, let people book me and pay for it all in one place. And when he sent it to me, a light bulb went off. And I said, you know, what, if I’m a business coach, as a business consultant has this need, and here’s a woman ism as soon as this need, you know, the gig economy continues to grow like wildfire. I bet they’re probably hundreds of thousands of other people that has this need. And as I’m thinking about it, a good friend of mine who was, you know, treated horribly by company, and it just left the company. He was CTO and they really treated him bad. He had just left the company and I pitched him and he I said this this idea having he absolutely loved his name is David and he loved the idea.

To go into business together, that’s how book like a boss got started to build it easy to use platform to take bookings, sell services and make money. And about three months after that, we brought on our third co founder, Lloyd Schroeder, who was a awesome designer. And he does our design and branding for a book like a boss. And we’re off to the races. How long ago was that? We started about two and a half years ago. Fantastic. Now you’ve got a team. So is it only the three of you or what’s the size of the team at present, so now it’s four and we do some outsourcing as well. But we have a Donnie who’s our VP of V, our VP of everything.

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and you’re located in the same city or you around the world how’s the structure of the team so we’re all in Israel dub it actually lives about two minute walk away from me boy lives in a city called Evan small which is about 30 minutes away and Donnie lives about 10 minutes away, huh? Yeah. Do you have your own office to meet every day? Or do you do things remote? I’m always curious about how things are structured now. Yeah, so great question. David, who’s You know, one of the top programmers I’ve ever come across, had the privilege to work with he just needs to be in focus mode and so he has an office in his home and he just you know, he doesn’t want to be bothered just like lock him up.

Give him some coffee. It Just has this thing I am does design yeah yeah it’s put me in a dungeon. Yeah exactly. That’s what he likes to do boy likes to work from a cafe actually. So we wish me cafe. It just travels around place to place does this thing but I have an office and we use the office also what we need to meet we will get together. But really I mean we’re in communication with each other almost all day using WhatsApp what we use the most brilliant Now you mentioned the bossy chewed. So could you talk about the evolution of that, and how that’s impacted you as a team absolutely so borsa today is something again, I thought about my whole life.

And the name really just came to me about a year year and half ago. But the attitude of you know, we only have one life to live and we need to be the boss of our own lives and you have to treat your life as if it’s you know, a business to an extent, right that even if you work for somebody else, which you know is great and you know, it’s fantastic for a lot of people, but you should think of your job as if you were the boss, as if you own the company, and you should act and work your job as if you were the CEO. And that should be the case in all areas of life, whether it’s relationships, friendships, you know, business or fun, your education, direction, whatever you do, and have the attitude that you’re the CEO of your life, right? And it’s having that attitude and not letting people put you down, and that’s what gets you moving forward.

That’s what gets you taking life by the horns and moving forward with it. So Gary Vader, Chuck, is somebody learned a lot from as, I’m sure probably, you know, hundreds of thousands of other people as well. And, you know, he talked a lot about how every company is a media company. And, you know, so what part of our long term strategic goal was to have a media company that was geared towards helping people find their boss attuned and help them succeed in their side hustlers and in their businesses. And so we created boss to calm and if you go to boss too complex, we have a lot of articles that help a lot of entrepreneurs.

And solo printers and side hustlers and I will pause to eventually it’ll grow into. I’m actually launching a podcast for the next couple weeks and hopefully going to start doing some events and really build a brand about this movements, what I call like the new entrepreneur, this movement of people not taking no for an answer and moving forward to lives as entrepreneurs and a side hustlers and you know, business owners.

Wow, that’s great words and wise words there. So we have to remember that. So why are the common myths? business people, Mike, when it comes to productivity and maximizing time? Like, what do we use for that, you know, do you see any myths about productivity saying that you work in a pile Miss and productivity space?

Yeah, so, yeah, any sort of moves that you come across as great question. I mean, like a lot of entrepreneurs out there I have a lot of ADHD so probably not the best productivity you know, like I’m more visionary and ideas and you know, it comes down to the nitty gritty details in  I always hire other people to help with that because it’s not one of my Forte’s you know. But there’s definitely tools out there that help us with productivity. It’s definitely the distraction of social media and smartphones definitely has an impact. And it’s not a myth to say that it affects people, you know, you go to a restaurant today, you know, you walk in the streets, even go to a celebration to a party.

And, you know,  more than 80% of the people are looking at their phones. And it is very hard to be productive and to get work done. If you’re always looking at the next best comes into the next like, you know, and again, it’s a deeper discussion in terms of, you know, why are people addicted to social media, the adrenaline rush to get when somebody likes her post, having that need for, you know, people to give you the need for, I guess, empowerment that you get when other people like your posts and again, this goes back to what we spoke about earlier that if you don’t have that need, if you don’t need that verification from other people, well, then you’re able to put the social media down a lot easier and it allows you to be creative that would you do post something, it’s something that resonates more with you.

And it’s not for what other people are going to say about it. Yeah, the distinction between doing it for yourself, this is doing it for others is a really good one. So that’s a pretty good tip. Now, you’ve worked on over 20 different businesses and whatnot. So when it comes to starting a new business, what advice you have around, you know, how to choose which projects to go forward with, and how to ensure that you’re putting enough attention for it to actually grow. So what you’re asking is, what are the most support questions and we could ask them, I’m starting a business and it’s a big mistake that people make. And this is why I actually started getting into consulting because I saw so many people, good people that are either throwing good money on bad ideas or the word the right people to run those ideas.

But the first thing that you have to see is, is there somebody that is willing to pay for your product or service at a price point that you could become profitable and a lot of times people overlook this important step because I always tell people and I even did it with book like a boss in I went to 20 people and said, Hey, if this software existed, would you pay for it? And how much would you pay before you do any business? Because it could be a good idea. And people could say, I love it. But if not willing to pay for it, or the amount of money they’re willing to pay for, it won’t cover your bills, then there’s no point in moving forward with it. Unless you have like some genius idea.

You know, the one in a million like Snapchat or Facebook or whatever, you know, everybody wants to do the next one, you know, 99.9% people fail doing that because it is so much money right, so much money to get those eyeballs and that’s also one of the things I did differently you know, all the businesses and experiences of I had, you know, lead up to book like a boss and when we create a book like a boss that’s actually one of the reasons why the name his book like a boss, because we wanted to be bosses and want to do things their own way and my life of God and taking advantage by investors in the past in this business, we decided to do something that can make money from day one. So we made sure that there was a way to monetize that it wasn’t just about advertising. around it. And really since we launched about a year and a half ago, we’ve been earning revenue and making money ever since. So take us back to that sort of initial ideation stage. And I guess what you’re calling the validation when you’re asking people, you know, how much would you pay for this,

I’ve often come across where people don’t actually know what they pay for it because they don’t know what the value of it is. So, you know, Case in point for book like a bus. Now, there’s other tools out there, like you said, their calendar tool. So people would say, Well, I can get this calendar tool for free. Why would I pay for book like a boss? So how did you sort of handle that when you started the business? Great question. So we always positioned it even though when we launched in as part of our launch strategy. We always positioned it as an calendar app for the last year or so. But when talking to people, you know, we went with the overall vision and, you know, entrepreneurship and startups as a game and sometimes takes a long time to play and have to have a long term strategy. And so for the beginning, it wasn’t just about a calendar app. You know, even in the beginning when we first came up with the idea it was more direct. focused on selling services, not scheduled bookings.

But what we saw from the beginning was that people had a hard time understanding what do you mean selling services, but everybody understood about having calendar app. But when I was pitching people in those early days, and asking them, and I asked this misuse, and she had this name, said, I, if I create this platform that was very easy to use, you know, would you pay $20 a month for it, you know, if it meant getting bookings, of a bed, checking your orders and senior clients and having some marketing tools and, you know, just worked great and, you know, worked out of the box and looked at a mobile and she said, Absolutely, you know, because with one booking it could pay for three, four months of the software.

So, I knew that if we could bring value and bring things that no one else is offering, you know, selling it at a price point for any small business, it was $20, $30, $40 a month, it really becomes a no brainer for what it does. I really like that approach work. Now you’ve got a team of four you mentioned what’s worked best for you guys in terms of generating new leads for your business. You know, thank god we’ve grown to a 12,000 users in over 100 countries in the last year and a half since we launched our MVP, and we really have been bootstrapping we’ve turned down offers, we turned out a million dollar offer of million dollar investment for the company. So we haven’t really put any money in marketing. Everything we’ve achieved until now was all you know, done through word of mouth. And, you know, it was the viral effect of having a powered by book like a boss in the bottom of our users pages.

And also, when an email confirmation went out for a booking from any of our clients, or if they embed it on their websites, their calendars or reminder emails went out it always have like a little powered by book like a boss. We do have a top plan where you could remove that branding. But for the most part, especially in the early days, 90% of our users have this power by book like a boss. And so we’ve been getting a lot of traffic and we’ve been growing virally without actually spending any money on marketing. Fantastic. Yep.

I like it’s very simple. And if that fact escapes a lot of people is to keep it very simple.  A toy for you now I know you also have an affiliate program is that working the way you want it or is there still room for improvement there for you that’s a great question yeah if you go to make money like a boss calm that’s our affiliate program we do have over 1200 registered users because what we did was we said hey you know keep the power of a book like a boss calm you know power by book like a boss logo your page when somebody clicks on your page and ends up you know buying our software you’ll get a commission on it so we have paid out thousands and thousands of dollars and conditions but we haven’t really figured out the best way to help our users like giving them banner ads is nice but how can we really take our affiliate program to next level is something we’re still trying to figure out okay well think about that my first some ideas joy you are listening to the founders Connect podcast helping lifestyle entrepreneurs to grow their business online and create a happier marriage now back to the show

welcome what Boosie to see around the industry that you disagree with natural Since starting with like a boss, I’ve become a huge fan of SAS companies. And, you know,  I just came back from stock 2018 and Dublin, which was an amazing conference of thousands of people in the software as a service industry. And I think there is no better model today than a SAS model. It’s just brilliant, you know, whether you charge $30 a month, you charge $3,000 a month, having software that many people can use from around the world, you know, without having to manufacture anything without having to do shipping is you have consistent income that you could count on. And you just really have to concentrate on growth. It’s just a very, very exciting model. You know, even though I still have a desire to open up a steak house one day, you know, and I have other entrepreneurial ideas. If I do those things, those projects will be out of love. But if I started another company, again, it would definitely be in the SAS area.

I just think the model is brilliant. So what do you see some of the pitfalls so having built your own SAS, you know, probably obviously worked on what are some common pitfalls entrepreneurs get into when it trying to develop a SAS product and put it out there, it may be putting myself down in answering this. But there’s always a fight between, you know, launching too early or, you know, feature creep. You’re trying to get one more feature out, etc. And it takes a lot of patience to build a company. It doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve been doing this for two and a half years, which, you know, in SAS time or startup time, it’s not a long time.

But when you’re somebody like me that just wants to have everything ready and just wants to get everything out and give our clients everything they want. You know, it hurts me when a client wants something, and I can’t give it to them right away, especially today, everything is push button. You know, we want results today. And so when we have clients and users that wants certain features, and I can’t give it to them, it’s painful. And it’s also painful that things just take time, you know, just takes time to build proper software and to do it right and to do without bugs. And so my team understands that and David obviously understands that he’s one building it and you know, throwing resources that is not always the best answer. And so, so You know, if we would have taking the billion dollar investment probably could have hired some other top developers. But we didn’t do this or build this to give away you know, at that time the guy wanted 40% of the company. So it’s that fine combination being bootstrapped.

Trying to keep control of your company while still moving forward and trying to give your customers what they want. But sometimes people wait too long before launching for us. You know, I held back from marketing and really pushing the product until we had certain features ready that would make us competitive out there at this point, actually feel that we are boring, competitive, we have features that no one else has and yet everything else that everyone else has. And we see every day people leaving a lot of our competitors and joining us I would say don’t wait, you know, don’t wait to get the first version now. And when we did last year and a half ago, we have about 30 features 30 top quality good features out today that we didn’t have when we first launched and if it would have held back we would have waited till we had these things. Who knows if we’d be where we are.

Today, yeah, it would have suffered from analysis paralysis, like a lot of us. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Thanks for sharing that. So what is the five year plan? If you have one for book like a boss? Where do you guys want to take the company? I’ll try to answer that without being too detailed. Because we do have a vision. And we do have ideas and we know where we want to take him. It’s going to actually be awesome. And really what we just did, and what we produce today is really just getting started. It’s like the foundation but there is so much more we’ve been doing the platform, but I don’t want to give too much details publicly. I mean, simply because we know that our competition is watching us closely. A few of them. We know that for a fact. So I don’t want to give too much away in terms of strategy, what we’re doing, but the goal really, you know, five years from now, we hope to have a couple million users around the world using us as the platform to sell services and take bookings and even today, like you know, there’s a lot of things that I did to put you know, talking about foundation and preparing for global mindset is over. has been global.

Even though a lot of people say and preach, pay, stay niche, stay small stick to one user type one customer type. But we have thousands of thousands users from around the world of every age. And, you know, men, women and children, college kids, seniors, everybody’s the platform so many different ways. So it’s very hard to hone in. And I wanted to make it global from the beginning. So right now, like our website can be used. Our software can be used in German, French, Spanish and English with over 15 different currencies. And we hope to, you know, eventually add more languages and really make it a global software company. I love the vision. I love that. So what’s the third one is a feature on the roadmap in the next 12 months, so you can share with us your one that I’m very excited about is what we call enterprise right now. We built a software for the solo entrepreneur or the individual user to the side, hustler and bind but we’ve gotten tremendous requests to be able to have multiple people on a team use the software so like if you’re a law office and you have Know 15 lawyers working for you to be able to have one account but to give each lawyer their own booking page that’s going to be the foundation of our enterprise software.

And the first version has been written out and scoped out, and we will start building that in the next month or so. That’s definitely exciting. Alright, so Cindy, you’ve got a question, Nicole? Yes, this question is about what’s the biggest challenge you have running your own business and mentality happy and healthy relationship with your wife and family? So that’s a great question. Because at the one hand, being an entrepreneur to starting a business you have to be all in on the other half is that you have to always remember what’s really important in life and your purpose in life. It is a tough balance. But I’d say there’s two things First of all, before going anywhere, and I mentioned this in my book as well is one of most important things that you need to succeed as an entrepreneur is to have a spouse that is fully behind you and I’ve been blessed with my wife who is just always been  The Foundation has always been the wind beneath my wings, who never, ever once you know, we’re married almost 20 years now through all the hard times and the failures and the challenges, she never once said the word to me get a job she knew and understood who I was and who I am.

That was my support system and always believed in me. And so having a spouse that believes in you and is your strength is tremendously important to being successful. So that being said, I always make time for the kids between the say six and 730 and I come home have dinner with them or watch them have dinner I should say, I usually eat a little bit later but you know there to talk about their day give them hugs and kisses and, you know, make sure I’m always there for them every single day. They didn’t know they could speak to me and have time with me.

And then also, you know, I’ve been a Sabbath observer from Friday night till Saturday nights, you know, it’s 25 hours where there’s no computers, no cell phones, no distractions it’s really just a time of you know, we have three big  meals together as a family and you know we spend a lot of time in prayer and synagogue and it’s really great time to bond with each other and of course you know extra holidays thrown in throughout the year adds to that you know one of the things that I’ve worked on is that when a kid comes to me make sure my phone is down and also that I’m with them to put my phone away so that they know that the focus is on them that’s a great tip isn’t it put your sign away  getting hotter hotter A lot of us yeah yeah, definitely a challenge.

Alright, so we’re going to just to wrap up here really appreciate the conversation so far. What’s one book or resource that is rarely mentioned that has made a significant impact on your life for your business? That is a great question all the popular ones I guess you don’t want having a time to think about this but I’ll state the obvious which for me is you know the Torah the Bible just because that you know affects every moment of my day and it affects how you know, I’m relate to people, how we treat people, you know, treating people how you want to be treated, the respect the have to have. I remember one horrible story.

You know, a friend of mine was working in a restaurant, and she messed up an order or something. And the boss yelled at her in front of the customers, and she was mortified. And, you know, embarrassing somebody publicly is like, killing them. It’s like, one of the worst things you could do. And I think one of the things we all have to be humble, we have to realize that know that it doesn’t matter if you’re the boss. Or if you’re, you know, extremely successful, nobody is better than anyone else. It doesn’t matter if it’s a waitress and you’re the CEO or if somebody that works for you.

Everybody’s just as important. Everybody has family, everybody was created in the image of God, everybody has the right to be treated with respect you know, so I think you know, as I go about my business day and I interact with people always try to be the best that can be a treat everybody with the love and respect they deserve. And I think a lot of ways that’s actually you know, in terms of my networking, I think that’s actually what’s led to a of the fantastic relationships I have today I think that’s so true the retreat the way you want to be treated and definitely the will be a fantastic place. Absolutely. So after all said and done, what do you want to be remembered for?

I guess I want to be remembered for somebody that gave back and was able to help other people you know one of life’s challenges is being able to support yourself and support your family there’s a lot of poverty around the world a lot of hardships around the world affects everybody but if I could somehow make a dense by helping other people be successful businesses and starting their own business which obviously when you start a business or create a company you know that creates jobs if I can help other people do that successfully then I’d be a happy man well I can say is that you’re on your way my friend well, and thank you just sort of quickly you’ve got a kid you mentioned before the call so already have those are looking like they’re going to be entrepreneurs.

Yeah, actually a couple of them. I think my middle sons are very entrepreneurial, which I tried to shy away from, you know,  I rather concentrate on their school and other studies, but my study it sees 11 going on the 15, you know, he’s always hustling and suddenly stickers or, you know, selling cards and all these different things. But, you know, I guess they love me and they want to, you know, kids emulate their parents.

So I guess there’s no going around that. And truth is, you know, I would tell my kids I’d rather them start their own business make their own impact than working for someone else if they had to. There you go. Thank you so much for your time. We love book like a boss. Obviously, we are by customers. And also we appreciate partnering with you for our giveaway the for everyone listening, go check out our contest page where you can actually win a license to book like a boss and actually experienced the amazing software for yourself. Any last words before we sign off I just want to say thank you. Thank you for the initiative.

And thank you for including us.  As part of the contest, you guys want to see mission helping people and helping founders and learning from each other. So just really thank you for the initiative. And thank you for having me. Thank you so much. And we will definitely have to check out more of your boss chewed website and mission and we’d love to join in on that any way we can. Thank You for awesome thank you. Thank you so much. So that was our interview with Nicole from book like a boss. And what did you think of that interview?

What did you learn from that one? Cindy. I like the prostitute term. The way he said it, the way you live. Your life should be the boss of your life. That is a great way to turn it around and have that kind of thought. So if everybody were to be the boss of their lives out in the world, be very, very different place. I totally agree. It’s all about the attitude you bring, especially in tough circumstances like a comb experience being bullied.

As a kid, and learning that when you stand up for what you want, and who you are, there’s nothing stopping you really. And that’s a very powerful attitude to have. I love that they’re doing a movement around that. And so the key lesson I took away from that was just around starting a new business, and really making sure that you very early on, go out and validate the idea, which means you go and talk to a bunch of people and ask them, would you buy this and how much would you pay for it and if you can get them to give you some money right away for it. So if you have enough, you know, 10 or 20 people like to come did with book like a boss, then that’s a good sign for you to move forward to start building the thing, right.

So if it’s a product or service, and that’s something that a lot of business owners or want to be business owners don’t do and they get so busy doing content and everything else, but they actually avoid talking to the potential customers so that’s my takeaway and very very cool guy to have on our show and also one of our great partners for I’ll give away Yes Thank you for that, you know next episode we’re talking all about repurposing content and the three places your podcast must be to maximize your reach with special guest, honey Murray from repurpose.io. And remember to live passionately, purposefully and confidently. Till next time.

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