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Quinn Zeda shares why she’s passionate about the remote work revolution, what she’ll be covering as an expert on the Remote Business Summit, and her courage story.
Quinn Zeda runs two businesses that specialize in CRO – Zeda Labs & Conversion Crimes.
Zeda Labs is a Conversions Agency that specializes in transforming businesses from the inside out. The Zeda team has worked on projects like
16Personalities helping them increase revenue by over 560%!
Conversion Crimes is a User Testing Platform. Though it’s still in beta phase, the platform strives to make user testing more efficient, easier to use, and more mainstream.
Quinn lives in Medellin, Colombia and has many hobbies ranging from skateboarding, traveling the world with her dog Zulu, personal development, and motorcycles.
Catch Quinn Zeda and 25 other #remotework experts on the Remote Business Summit Nov 18 – 22, 2019.
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