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Want to know the secret behind repurposing content when you don’t have a massive budget or a big team to make it happen?

How is it that some businesses seem to have a never-ending stream of content, while you’re slaving away for weeks just to produce one blog post or marketing video?

We invite Hani Mourra, founder of Repurpose.io, software entrepreneur and content marketer to share his expert tips and insights on repurposing content.

Hani also shares the top 3 places your podcast must be to maximize your reach.

Listen in now.

Hani Mourra is a dad, softwareprenuer, and the creator of Repurpose.io – a software designed to help content creators automate the distribution of podcasts and live videos across multiple platforms and grow their audience faster.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • How to automatically publish your audio and video content to multiple platforms and grow your audience faster.
  • The 3 places your podcast must be to maximize your reach online
  • How to be more effective as an entrepreneur, and create more time to be with your family


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A-Ha! Quotes from This Episode:

I love to create. I get to make something out of nothing. Click To Tweet

Be a person of value. Offer value. Click To Tweet

You should act and work your job as if you were the CEO, and that’s the same to all areas of your life. You have to have the attitude that you’re the CEO of your life. Click To Tweet

Your blog is your chance where you get email addresses and take your engagement to a whole new level. Click To Tweet

Be prepared (for live streams). Don’t just ramble on. Have some key ideas. Click To Tweet

The value is in what you’re saying not in the delivery mechanism. Click To Tweet

Have some kind of free giveaway to exchange for an email address. Click To Tweet


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