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Wondering how to write and promote a business book? Tyler Wagner, multiple-time Amazon bestselling author and book writing coach, is here to help!

Now if you’re serious about creating a book and leveraging it to grow your business, then make sure to save yourself some major pain by listening to this interview with Tyler Wagner, founder of Authorsunite.com.

This was by far the most fun interview we’ve recorded to date and we wouldn’t want to wrap up season 1 any other way. So be prepared to laugh along with us and Tyler!

Listen in now.

Tyler Wagner helps people share their value with the world, expand their impact, and create freedom in their life by becoming a successful author and growing their business.

He is also the host of the top rated podcast, “The Business Blast Podcast” and bestselling author of “Conference Crushing.”

Tyler’s passion is connecting with people and creating a supportive environment for others to thrive. His upbeat personality gives his clients a fun experience while he delivers them results.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • What most people do wrong when trying to write their book (and how you can do it the right way)
  • How to decide which book idea is the right one to write and publish to grow your business
  • Why just getting Amazon bestseller status by itself won’t do much for your business
  • How to network the right way
  • How to write a book when you suck at writing
  • How many words your book should have
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A-Ha! Quotes from This Episode:

Stop putting all these measurements and calculations on what you need to be, and just be what you are. Click To Tweet Just accept the fact that your first draft will be awful. Click To Tweet You gotta still take action after (your book is launched) for it to be effective. Click To Tweet Your book should really be the one that provides the most value possible to your target audience. Click To Tweet An editor will take your book from a 2 out of 10, to a 10 out of 10. Click To Tweet

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Have you ever thought about writing and releasing a book into the world whether that’s to share your story or to share your knowledge and expertise so you can help other people and grow your business? Well, today’s guest is actually offering a really cool prize as part of our podcast giveaway. And so the prize is a 15 minute right publish or promote your book strategy session with Tyler Wagner who is the CEO of offers unite and host of the business plus podcast. So if you want to get a start on making your dreams a reality head over to founders connect.co forward slash when at enter our giveaway now so you can win this awesome prize.

Welcome to founders Connect podcast. We have lifestyle entrepreneurs to grow their business online and create a happier marriage. Did you know that approximately 45% of marriages end up in divorce and 65% all startups fail. Judah found conflicts but we’re here to change that. Each week we bring you an inspiring guest and practical tips to help you with business relationships and sustainable living. Now let the fun begin. Hi everyone. I’m Cindy and I’m Anfernee and today we have a special guest we’ve got my man my brother Tyler Wagner, who’s the founder of authors unite. com he helps people share their value with the world expand their impact and create freedom in their life by becoming a successful author and growing their business is also the host of a top rated podcasts, the business blast podcast and the best selling author of conference. So Tyler’s passion is connecting with people and creating a supportive environment father’s to thrive. He’s got a really upbeat personality, as you’ll see in a second, which gives his clients a fun experience while he delivers them results. Welcome to the show my man amazing intro really pumped to be here. Well, just start off. I want to ask you on a scale of one to 10 how we I said weird. I’m goofy. Well, that’s out of the realm of this podcast. Now going in there. shut that door. I’d say so how I mean, I just think I go about things a little bit differently. You know, like, I just I really liked that have like, fun is of the utmost importance to me. Because I think if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, it’s very hard to grow. So I will go out of my way to almost make things like weird and awkward so that they’re fun. You know. So like, right now I’m wearing boxers to be completely transparent. Yeah, this is the business that we’re building where we can do that man like, That’s absolutely right. Okay. All right. Awesome. I love that. If you had all the time and money in the world, what would you do similar to what I’m doing, honestly, like, the podcast is one of my favorite things to do. So I think I would travel everywhere in the world and I would have like meetups with people and just meet and connect with as many people as possible while also traveling. Right? COACH it. Yeah, you do that? Yeah, definitely. I would. So what’s your favorite quiet favorite quotes? I know. And I asked this question on my podcast, I’m gonna go and I don’t know who said it, but just be and I know, it’s like so short. And maybe it’s a way maybe. But for me, I heard that at a conference. And it was in San Diego. And it really sunk in, like, really good for me, because it was just like, dude, stop putting all these like measurements and calculations on what you need to be and just be what you are. And that allowed me to really expand and grow as a person that’s actually home. You forget about the prison? Yeah, I think Yeah, yeah, we can easy to get caught in our goals and things like that. And, you know, the business of life and business and you kind of have to remind yourself sometimes who you really are, and that’s a good one. I like that. Okay, so let’s talk about the biz. What are these authors unite. Tyler and how did you begin? So authors unite is a book publishing and book marketing company where we do people’s personal books, and we do collaborative books as well, 100 person book that you guys were in, and it really started, I guess, it was like five and a half years ago, I dropped out of school wrote my first book conference crushing that you mentioned, and it ended up doing really well. And I was like, 20, I was writing it at 20, I think I launched it at 21 had no clue really what I was doing. Just gathered information from the internet, and like, how to do a book launch launched, it had good relationships. So that definitely helped. And it hit number one. And then what happened is, a bunch of people started reaching out to me and asked me like, dude, how did you do that? Like, I thought you were like, going down a bad path, because I dropped out. And I’m from a small town. So, you know, in a small town, like you, like, do something like everybody hears about it. Yeah, Tyler dropped out, like he’s doing drugs, or something little did I know, I’m writing a book. So either way, then, you know, Facebook’s organic reach was a lot better at that time. So, you know, that happened, everyone in my network found out and then that’s how I got my first few clients just by like, organic reach outs, and then from there created a whole business around it. So what is that the common me that entrepreneurs make when it comes to writing and publishing a business book? Oh, that’s a good question. Okay. So I’d say one of the biggest things that I’ve realized with people with writing and some just entrepreneurs, but I’d say like, just people in general with writing a book, they do it backwards. So I think, and I don’t know, this is like a common myth. But what I keep finding with people is they try to write the book, like a really good book, their first like the way down, and that is the wrong way to think about it. The way I think about is just to get everything out of your head and do it backwards, almost. And just accept the fact that your first draft is going to be awful. So I think that’s why a lot of people never finished, because they’re trying to perfect this first draft. They’re trying to make their first draft a masterpiece, and it’s just not the way it happens. how it happens is, you get everything out of your head, and then you take away all the junk, and then you’re left with a masterpiece. So I think that’s one of the common This is don’t try to write a good book, just write a book and then edit it into a good book. That’s where I’d say, very good guy. Good. That’s probably a great tip for this one. Yeah, well, I’m going to take that advice. And don’t worry, I’ll be contacting Tyler. So we’ll be working. Now. Tell us about some of the results that you’ve had with your clients. Like, what are some of your favorite wins, I suppose with working with some of the clients. I mean, my two favorite wins. So one Jolie dawn, her name is we got her number one in front of the alchemists. So that was just pretty crazy. I mean, that’s probably like, that could be excited. The Bible, it’s like one of the biggest books in the world, you know, like the alchemists. So that was like, while that have that happen, and then another one is a guy, Jason true. He wrote a book called social wealth. And he got over 40, now, it’s been four or five years, he’s got over 40,000 book sales. And he’s landed over 500 interviews, including, like TV podcast, and now he like coaches, high level executives and corporations on like, culture and stuff. So I mean, yeah, these results were like wild. So I’d say those are my two favorite. That’s insane. Like, I want to contextualize all of that, because some people listening to this are gone. Yeah, it’s great. Amazon bestseller, number one, but what does that really mean does actually help the business? How do you turn that attention into dollars? Or how does it get your clients, right? So what’s your take on that? It’s really up to you. You know, so I will say, just getting bestseller by itself. The really only benefit of that is the branding and being able to put it on your social medias, which is great. But if you don’t also have, and, you know, I know you do this, you don’t also have like a funnel, right? And like paid traffic, and you’re using that brand to get more clients. It’s not going to actually organically do much. You know, if you just hit bestseller, then sit back and think, oh, now people are going to run to me. Like it doesn’t work that way. Yeah. So I’d say it’s a really good benefit. And for me, and this is just for my life experience. And thing I did first and it helped people take me more seriously. So the first thing I did was launched the book hit bestseller. And then it was on conferences. So I actually got clients helping them network and events. That was my first kind of thing is, I would coach people on that. And then I got speaking gigs as well. But I was actively pursuing it. Like, I was reaching out the conference coordinators being like, Hey, this is my book, comments, crushing and just hit bestseller. I’d love to talk at your event to teach the people at your event, how to network effectively, and then I got gigs from that. So not to keep beating a dead horse. But you got to still take action after the fact for it to be effective. Yeah, very true boss were a topic of conferences. So what’s one advice around networking that you can share with our audience? How do you network as opposed because a lot of people go to events, and they never get anything from it. Or they get disappointed when you know, the meeting the wrong people, or whatever it may be. So what’s worked for you? Or what are you inviting in your book, okay, so compact crushing really lays this out fully in like, it was the best way that I can lay it out. But what I’d say is, it’s really about the people obviously. So first thing is, if you’re going to an event, focus on the people and not the content, you know, content is abundant in my opinion, and that’s something downgrade the events content, but I think you’re more there for the people. So just understanding that first is a good start. And then to if you know, the people that are going to be at this event, like the speakers, and you know that you want to connect with them, you want to like research them a little bit before I mentor mine, one of the best things that he told me is like, a lot of people will reach out to people that they want to connect with that are like above, if you will, then they are and ask them, they can help them. Now, this is not actually the best way to do it. Because if you just ask them, one of you can help them that actually creates work for them to figure out how you can help them. So the best way to do it is actually research them figure out how you can actually help them specifically, and then do that. And then it’s a simple yes or no, right? It doesn’t take time. So for me, what I did when I went to all these events when I was younger is our research, all the speakers figure out where I can help them in different areas, like look at their Twitter, what they were doing recently. And then when I would go to the event, I would actually go through and be like, hey, like, I saw you tweet about this, like, I can help you in these areas. Like, I’ll do it for free. I just want to like, basically connect with you. And some people allowed me to do that. So that’s one thing. And like, thank you letters is another thing that’s really helped. I mean, that’s been big, like, I went to this event with, like Tim Ferriss, and he was one of the speakers. And that was the first day and then they stayed after the second day, I got up the second day, real early in the morning and read them all thank you letters and handed them personally to them. I’m and I’m still in contact with some of them. And I think it’s because they have that thank you letter. Like on their desk. Yeah, you know, that’s cool. There you go. You would love that because she loves writing letters. Oh, well, I guess now I have two more letters. So as several ideas for books they can write, how do they decide which book I do is the best one to 100% depends on what they want the result today, you know, so most people I work with, they’re using it as a business tool. So what I would say is, your book should really be a book that provides the most value possible to your target customer. So that should be out of all your ideas, like your passion projects, you know, crazy like science fiction novel idea what it is, if it’s for business growth, then the focus should be that provides the most value possible to that target market. I think like the mindset of a consumer is like, if a book is very valuable to them, then the imagination starts to run like, wow, this $10 book was this valuable, I wonder what they’re like thousand dollar done for you. Service or consulting is like what that so that’s what I’d say depends on the goal. You are listening to the founders Connect podcast, helping lifestyle entrepreneurs to grow their business online and create a happier marriage. Now, back to the show. I’m glad you brought that up. Because the reason why I haven’t pursued will continue that original book that I wrote was because it’s more of a biography. This is something that I can actually help my business to grow, right. And that’s something like going back to a Tyler just said, A Biography is not really going to help tell my service, right? Like, that’s not solving a problem for anyone. Specifically, it’s Mike my life story. And that’s grateful reading, but it’s not really like, Okay, this is how you do marketing. It’s very different, for sure. Alright, so what about those people who are going well, hi, Tyler, man, like, I just suck at writing. So how can I ever write a book when I suck at writing? Or I have very basic language skills or English isn’t my first language how, what advice do you have for those people voice record or, you know, okay, so I’d say voice record like it really, I mean, the tools now, I think one of them’s called dragon or something dragon fly like, and they actually are very accurate, like, they’re pretty accurate, you know. So, like, that really works. And then secondly, other thing to realize is how much power editor really has an editor will take your book from, like, a two out of 10 to a 10 out of 10. So like, if you don’t think you’re good at writing, I wouldn’t even worry about it, the goal is just to finish a rough draft, even it is off, and it’s gonna be given to an editor editor thing is something I highly recommend you invest money into as an author, because they will change your entire book, it’s unbelievable how different it’ll be, do you have a sort of recommended size of how many words or pages for beginner author to begin with? Because this gives some idea of how much should I be writing? Do I, you know, 10 million words like 1000 words, what’s actually one kind of way to think about it is like, so like, 20,000 words is about 100 pages, give or take, it’s around there. So, you know, I think like my first book, comments, questions, actually 12,000 words like, it’s like 55 pages, or something like it’s short. So my recommendation is to not even think about that. And it’s just whatever delivers the most value. So that is 10,000 words, then that’s it. Because fluff is also not good either, you know, you don’t want to just add to add, you want to have it be whatever the most valuable end result is, that is, the amount of should be cool. Hey, unfortunately, that book wouldn’t have a spine, because that’s not cool. That’d be staples. But it’s been. So you took my advice. Literally, though, I like that. So more than five pages, so you can actually print it. But unless you add a bunch of blanks in the back, you can do that pitches on the topic, I’d say the books been written, you’ve got it edited, you got publisher involved. Now, let’s talk about promoting the book, right. So what sort of free suggestions or tips that you have on getting your book on to a bestseller list, that’s the goal, or actually getting it in front of as many readers as possible, or break down like the four main bestseller list. So it’s New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon. So New York Times, you’re going to need it a fairly large budget, like over six figures are right around six figures. And that’s because the way that their best seller was works is it has to be all physical copy. So they don’t count digital copies in their measurement. So basically, within a week time frame, you have to get the most physical books sold to hit the New York Times bestseller list. And physical books cost, you know, a lot of money, and you’re up against like giants. So just know that and then Wall Street Journal usa today would become next in difficulty. And I’ve seen people yet with like, 10,000 purchases, I’ve seen them hit those lists. So you want like 10,000 purchases in a short time frame, like a day to three days. And then Amazon is actually the easiest, but it depends on the category, right. So like, you get number one in all of business and money on Amazon is actually difficult. But to get number one in like sewing it, that’s a category. The whole goal is that all your marketing efforts, land and water limited time frame. So ideally, for Amazon, it would be one day all your marketing efforts happened that day. So like, you get a huge spike, and then it kicks into the algorithm. And then you hit number one. So that’s really the way the best service works. So you’ll by saying, targeted or campaign, which drives a lot of activity on one specific day, or within a certain time window. Beyond that, what are some things that you work with your office to do to get the book out like, Great here, Amazon bestseller now what like, what do I do with the book, you know, you’ve mentioned earlier that it opens the doors for conversations, you are using it to connect with conference organizers. So what are some of the other things that people can do with the book, or First I’ll talk about like selling the actual book. So the two main things to sell the book is you want to get as many reviews as possible. And then Amazon advertising. So I think a lot of people with books are doing Amazon ads. And Amazon ads are like Facebook was like five years ago. So like right now. And not even I mean, better than that, honestly, because like Amazon ads, they’re like seven, like, we’re seeing like seven to 10 cents a click, right. It’s like very cheap. Now we’re talking books that only sell for like, three to $10 or 20 bucks a post. So take that into account as well. But we’ve seen really good results with that. But only in the book has a lot of reviews. And that’s because you got to think about a consumer. So if you’re on Amazon, like just searching around, you come across a book and an author you don’t know as an ad, and it only has two reviews, you know, the chances of you purchasing that are very low. Because the trust, there’s no trust. But if it has over 100 reviews, and it’s a book on marketing, and you just so happened to be trying to figure out marketing, you might buy that book from the ad. So as far as selling books, reviews, and Amazon ads top for sure. And then the other thing is you can do in the book. And this is what you know, I think you do a lot of as well as we turn the books value into a actual higher level service. And we build a funnel and drive Facebook ads to the funnel to get the author on calls on perspective, like sales calls, and then they can sell their membership or consulting services. Love it. Yeah, I think the key message here is to have some kind of funnel set up on the back end before you even go down a path of launching the book. So you have somebody to drive that traffic to, and people like a cool book. But then how do I engage with you like, What do I do? And I think that’s something that you’ve done marketing. Well, we’ve all the collaborative books and your own book. And that’s something that people need to pay attention to when it comes to promoting the book. Because I see there’s a lot of attention on the writing, the publishing the editing, but then this is like, okay, the books up online, and now there’s crickets, what do I do? You know, and it’s like, what’s your marketing strategy? We don’t have no, absolutely. And I’d say to to realize that, like, the Amazon ads are great, and you can get a good book sale, but you’re not getting the customers information. So that’s why a funnel is like, even if you don’t sell like a back end service. Like you want to have like a website that can capture leads, because just through Amazon, you’re not building community or anything, because you’re not getting that person’s email. Amazon has it so you have to have your separate entity as well. Can you think of an example of a book that’s been recently released that has done that funnel really well? like for you? You’ve looked at and gone. Wow, that’s actually an amazing job of how to put that together. Oh, yeah. Actually, I just saw on James clear. Um, yes. Did you see the ads for that? Yeah. And it’s not the pop up. I can see him. Yeah, yeah, I can’t remember the name of the book right now. But it’s on productivity. And I’m not even sure because I haven’t gone through the entire funnel. So I’m not even sure if he’s using that funnel for like, selling consulting or anything. I think it’s actually a pre order funnel to get like bulk copies. Yeah, the discounted price. But like that, like the website, the testimonial of everything, that’s a very beautifully put together. It’s like a piece of our most I would say like, I think it looks great. What does that mean a lot about the Kaaba and the design thinking around that, and the visual elements and these things, what you’re talking about as an actual experience, right? Like, they put together an experience for the reader beyond just the book speaks to Wow, if I actually end up buying this person’s consulting, or their membership, whatever it is, I’m actually gonna have a great experience as well. So that’s really key to that right. Yeah. brand to and just to clarify, to, I’m not sure I met him like five years ago, I think he has like a blog of like, hundreds of thousands of subscribers. I’m pretty sure. So just to clarify that for the audience. But he definitely put in probably 10s of thousands of dollars into this whole project, but it is it’s great. Okay, I’m thinking of credit nice chip general to help couplets relationship How would just start a project like that, or have you done something like that I published a book called relationship agreements. But that wasn’t a journal, that book was actually about polyamory. But this couple that’s No, I haven’t done a journal before. But Oh, actually, we’re doing a workbook for this woman that’s like in to combine with her book. So basically, like some of the pages just have lines so that the reader can write in the book as well, to what you’re asking, like, what would you do to start with that? Yes, this is an idea how do I tend to idea into something tangible, I mean, I would reach out to people and relationships and ask them what they’re looking for. Like, I would go to your target market and talk to them. Same thing with just market research. Like, I would talk to them and be like, hey, what areas in your relationship or like you struggling with and just take down the information and then reverse engineer or a journal that provides the solution to those problems, okay, then I’m going to be quite busy, you got to do the work, you could just talk to, like 1020 couples for like, 30 minutes each, you know, just tell me and you know, you don’t want to ruin the relationship. Like, tell me your worst problems. Tyler was single. So it would be all right. Okay, we’re gonna go into more of the mindset of the entrepreneur here. And just the growth and the journey being on as an entrepreneur, what have you had to let go of, in order to get your business to where it is now, control control, I think that’s like, I don’t know, that is called like, the entrepreneurs, the lab or maybe that’s something else I can’t remember. But like, one of my biggest things, I think this is what a lot of entrepreneurs is the reason we started our own thing is because we didn’t want to work for someone and not have control. So like, we started a thing we have control and what you quickly realize it’s hard to get past I’d say, like, low six figures without help, like, you need help, like, by yourself, I think you can hit the like, hundred 200 grand range, like around there. But then after that, dude, you need to let go. And that is hard. You know, it’s our because like, the truth is got to accept the fact that, like, your employees are going to make mistakes, because they’re people like, and that’s just like, we all make mistakes. So that was definitely the hardest part for me is I was in this mindset, even though people kept telling me, I was like, now I can do it myself. I was like, Nope, not doing it. I can do it myself. And then I finally let go. And that like, there’s been some bumps, but like that allowed for growth, letting go, can you take us behind the scenes on that? And what steps did you actually take to do that? Because I know people are hearing this thing, like, I’ve heard that before, it is a letting go concept, what do you do to actually enable that and enable your team to step up and step into being better giving them ownership. So I’d say, I think you guys might know, Jessica, she’s been my assistant for a while. So just allowing her to, like, manage client communication and doing the client stuff. So when somebody comes through authors unite, I had to let go and allow her to step up and take ownership of like, certain clients and be like, Listen, you’re going to be in communication with the designer and the client. And you’re going to pick the final book cover without me, you know, like you’re gonna and then like, next thing is, you’re going to do the launch, and I’ll tell you exactly how to do it. And you’re going to do the Facebook ads, the Amazon ads, all of it, but you’re going to do it all and you have to, like, let them have ownership. And the deal is this I was lucky like, far as I can remember. I don’t think we ever had like, a refund from like, any of my employees like messing things up. But even if that happens, it’s better that that happens, then you not giving up control and to grow, you know, so like, yes, that sucks. And you could make a mistake. And let’s say the book doesn’t hit number one, right? We have a guarantee where it’s number one, and we give a full refund and it doesn’t hit that so like, I put that at risk by giving it the ownership to somebody else. And if it didn’t hit number one, then I think like the refund of that would be enough of a lesson to the employee that they wouldn’t let it happen again, you know if that makes sense. So it’s just it’s painful but growth is painful man face up some of your time isn’t it for more important that’s totally I wouldn’t be able to do the podcast if I didn’t let go and allow my people to manage authors unite, I would have no time at all. As mentioned Tyler and authors unite our one of our contest partners. And if you’re looking to write publish or get your book out there or just have some ideas about that and need some help putting it all together then you can win a 15 minute right publisher promote your book strategy session with Tyler Wagner of offers unite, all you need to do is go to WWW dot founders connect.co forward slash when to enter the epic growth giveaway. And there are also a whole bunch of other prizes that you can win as well. So go check that out. www dot founders Connect co forward slash when you are listening to the founders Connect podcast, helping lifestyle entrepreneurs to grow their business online and create a happier marriage. Now back to the show. All right. No talk about podcast. Oh, done not hundred podcast episode. Yeah. You saw my last post? Well done a lot. Okay. I’ll say this. So there’s a main commonality that I’ve seen the two questions I asked. Our one question is, what’s your best piece of business advice? and other one is, what is the key to happiness? And far majority to those answers are relationships. So people do business with people they know, like, and trust. I believe that. And so they say, you know, to that question, what’s your number one piece of business advice is to create relationships and community and my culture with people. So that like, you know, I’ve built it up to a point now where, like, people just know me that I do books and my authors unite, does good work with books. So if I’m like, friends with someone, there’s really no reason for them to like, publish and market a book with somebody else. And they already know, you know, we’re like friends. So building relationships, and then also for happiness, building relationships. So that 900 people, that’s definitely a far majority. The answer to both of those questions been relationships. What about as the podcast host, like your experience of actually creating a podcast from scratch, and then actually getting that working from episode one, right? Like, what’s the difference between the first 50 episodes to the last, you know, 800 episodes? What have you learned about that process? Well, the first 50 were terrible. I mean, that like, terrible, but like they weren’t good, and I had no idea what I was doing. But that, again, is part of the process. So I’d say like the systems now, my systems are so dialed in with, like, getting people on the podcast following up with people in the podcast, the distribution of the podcast, and it’s 13 different platforms were on and now it’s so dialed in, like, the only thing I do is interview the person. And then one of my assistants takes care of like, everything else, or like an automated system that we use online takes care of it. Whereas before I was manually reaching out on like LinkedIn, like one by one. And then I was like, I don’t even remember like, and I was also trying to edit it, one edit each audio, like, you can go down a bad all with podcast I shake like you could spend hours on one episode, you know, like me saying, That’s bad. You know what I mean? This is a longer form. So for the audience, they should know, I do like a five minute podcast. I don’t know. I just think you got to know what do you want to be doing in it. So if you want to be the one interviewing and you want time to do other things, and you should probably outsource the editing because I think it can take a while. But if you want to do it yourself, you can do that. So what’s the biggest challenge? You have pricing? Oh, sorry, I didn’t. Amanda. Yes. Ego. So I got out of relationship, like six months. What did you experience if it’s okay, for you to share? Oh, absolutely. I learned that. See, you guys have a great Diana, you guys are like working together. What I have yet to find is I have to blame myself. But the last relationship why it did work is because I work all the time. And she I found and I’m not trying to put the blame on her. Like, I’m taking ownership. I’m just saying My vision is like, very large. Like, I work a lot like 12 hours a day. I worked weekends to like, I like what I do. So yeah, like that. Yeah, that’s all Yeah. But the thing is, I think it’s good for the woman to be supportive of that and do her own thing to whatever she wants, whatever works, but I’ve yet to find a girl that is like, accepting of how much I work and I’ve yet to, like, give in to a girl like her wanting to go out to dinner at five o’clock pm and I’m like, yo, my days, like half over like, I’m going till midnight, so we can get the cert So yeah, I don’t know. I think maybe I need to be rolling out there for you don’t, Lori, thank you. Service is opening up. So entrepreneur dating service. So hook you up with an entrepreneur, he understands what you’re going through. So that’s how it works. I actually think that’s a great idea. Like, you know, because that’s what’s interesting is like, I definitely really liked her, you know, but it just we weren’t on the same page in our goals. Right? And that killed us. Yeah, you’re not alone. Man. We struggled with that. At the beginning, Cindy wasn’t in the business. And I job and like, we had to work for those, like you say, get on the same page in terms of the vision for it, as well as for the business. And then that’s kind of evolved into what it is now. So it takes one I wanted to jump in before you got to racial stuff. But I saw that you interviewed Gary the recently. So yeah, that experience like and what was your biggest takeaway from the man to that was exactly one week ago. So that was in New York at his office. Oh, my gosh, you know what? This is sad. Like, I don’t know, the biggest takeaway, honestly, because I was so nervous, like, I don’t even really get nervous that much. But it was so crazy, because I’ve watched his YouTube videos for three years. And I get to his office, I have a video Agra fur, I brought my little brother to us, he’s a fan too. And we’re in one of his offices. And the table is like, so small, and like, really small, like with like this with like, I don’t know, like two feet, like, small and he sits on the other side. And I feel like we’re, like, really close. I’m like, dude, like, I feel like watching YouTube in real life. Like, I’m like, freaking crazy. So like, I feel now I was so petrified that I’m waiting on my videographer to get me the audio and the video, and then I’ll actually know what he said. Because I don’t know right now, because I was that nervous. I didn’t hear a thing He really said, even tie like a star struck. That’s what tonight. He’s like, my him and Tim Ferriss are like, my top two. So like, yeah, Gary, he definitely had me shaking in my boots. How did you even get an interview with Gary Vee? Because a lot of people want that. But, you know, is it posting on his YouTube channel? Like, how does that work? Great question. So this goes back to the relationships and the podcast. So what I’ve noticed with the podcast is, the more interviews I do, the more good things are happening to me. So what happened with this is, it was luck. I could, like help you with what would it be or something like that. I think I messed up the wording a little bit. And I was like, I’d love to have Gary Vee on my podcast. It’s us. It’s like, cool. And like, that was it. We had a Skype call. Next thing I know, like an hour later, she sends me a screenshot she had tweeted at Gary. She doesn’t know Gary, by the way. She just tweeted at him. It was like children know, just tweeted. It was like, Hey, would you make my friend Tyler’s day and be on his podcast? It only takes five minutes. He tweeted back seconds later and said fine, and tagged his assistant. Wow, that’s really that is how it happened. And then I followed up with his assistant via email. And then I booked it. And we actually got like, 1520 minutes with them. So we got lucky. But just a random Tweet, tweet, tweet. We’re gonna wrap it up. Now. Just a couple more questions. resource that’s really mentioned that has made a significant impact on your life or business or it’s by Alan Watts. You guys know, I watch. I know he is. What’s the title? I believe it’s your it. I have it on Audible. Yeah, and I think it is like a book. But it’s really a collection of 12 of his talks. And it’s 12 hours long. And I’ve listened to it like five or six times. Yeah, Alan Watts is like my spiritual guy. Yeah. Like, I follow him closely. So I’d say that what was the lesson or something that really hit you from listening to what Alan Watts Well, what you’re at what he’s saying is, like, there’s no separation between you and anything like the separation is all an illusion. So like, yes, we are separated right now, you know, as people, but we are all part of the same like thing, you know, so the actual separation is not real. And when you can feel that like walking in like Earth, like we feel separated from the earth, but like the air that you need it. So you actually are a part of the Earth is what he kind of says, and it’s kind of interesting, when you change your mindset is like a visitor to the earth, and then you change it to like, you came out of the earth like you were actually a part of it. And I’m not trying to get religious ready to hear. But it’s interesting when you actually feel a true connection to the earth and like, no separation, it’s a different feeling. Love that you’re getting a very matrix see on a soda quantum physics down. Okay, how did you find a part in your life and business that is very important, actually, it’s by trial and error. A lot of people will ask me, how do you find your passion? Or like, how do you have fun with your work? And for me, it was just trial and error. Like, I took accounting in college and I hated it. She just fell into it. It’s okay. If you like, like, my dad is an account on and he likes it. Like he likes crunching numbers. Like something about that again, like, it feels good to me. That sounds like hell, honestly, like, terrible, I hate it. But then I did a podcast and like a lot. Lot of people would look at my schedule like today. I did like 1520 interviews today. Wow. back to back to back. And some people would look at that and be like, that looks like a terrible day. You know, like, just busy and like, not fun to me. I’m like, my endorphins are going I’m lit up. That’s what I like to do. So try a bunch of things. And your find out what you like, and what you don’t like, and then go towards for you. Like I just signed us the most fun thing you’ve done so far. No, yeah, may not answer the question correctly. Study into like, how do you find it? But the most fun thing I’ve done so far in business, is that the question or like I’d say, in college, before I had business and right before I dropped out, and I knew I was going to drop out before I did six months abroad in Europe, and I failed all my classes. And I did 15 countries in Europe and Africa. And that was amazing to literally know that I had to no responsibility. I just like got everything out of my system, you know, and then I came back and then I had to rebuild myself because I got real bad but it was fine. Yeah. So now trying to work out how do we get back to that stage when outsourcing everything else love it. All right. So last question for you may well after it’s all said and done, what do you want to be remembered for? Well, I like that. I should actually think about that even more clearly. I would say I want to be remembered for somebody that helped others not take this life so seriously, like somebody that helped others have fun during their journey. So I love that. Can I join you hang out with the dude when we get over there and you got to come to Australia and we’ll be here for you. I really do have to come over to Australia. I have to will be soon. All right. Well, Tyler, thank you so much for your time, your wisdom and your love. You’re just amazing dude. And we love working with you soon is very excited to jump on and be a guest on your show very soon know and be on the other side of this appreciate you partnering with us for our giveaway. So for those listening, we are doing an epic give away with a ton of prizes for growing your business online and Tyler’s offered up some business and coaching offer coaching as part of that package and will share all the links in the show notes and definitely offers unite. com. That’s where you can go to connect with Tyler and learn more about what he’s doing and get involved. So last word, Cindy. Somebody needs to find him a woman. Okay. That’s the challenge. If you can do that. I don’t know. Tyler will be very happy. Yes. Hey, I’m sure. Alright, how about you? Any last words for our audience? Tyler, help me find a woman. All right, we’re down. We can make that thing that I will leave. Just thank you so much. Everyone. Subscribe and we’ll talk to you real soon. So that was our interview with book writing and publishing and marketing expert Tyler Benjamin Wagner. So Cindy, what was your key takeaway from our conversation with Tyler O. McKay. Tech wise. Basically, when you write you write everything that’s in your head and get a really good editor editor. And I think maybe I should do a now There you go. And any tips for getting your relationship journal happening? I need to actually do some research as back 20 people might be so whoever wants to be my question person, feel free to contact me. Okay, really cool. And you’re going to ask them some questions about the relationship and what they need some help me if I really like that really great tip for me, main takeaway was really to be yourself. Definitely resonate with that. And that comes down to what Tyler was sharing about networking as well. And being able to really connect with people and build solid relationships even without like trying to get something from them necessarily, or whatever it may be. And if you’re trying to connect with someone that you want to support, you need to really do your research ahead of time and understand what projects they’re working on. And then come to them with ideas around ways that you can actually help them right to achieve their goals. Rather than just meeting someone and saying, hey, I’d love to help you and then putting it all on them to try and work out well, how can this person helped me because I don’t know anything about this new person that’s come up now. Well, so that’s our takeaways from this episode. And let us know what was valuable to you. Thank you for tuning in. So that is the wrap for season one of our founders Connect podcast. Cindy, how you feeling good because it’s Christmas season. And we would like to wish you our listeners are fantastic, like season to enjoy with your friends and family and how ever you like to choose to enjoy and have fun. That’s right. And our contest for Season One, probably over by now. And we will be drawing the winner and announcing the winner in the first episode of our season two, which is coming back in January. So if you haven’t already, hit subscribe and tune in for updates. You can also follow us on Instagram and on Facebook. And we’ll be announcing upcoming episodes as well. So we will be back when we Cindy Yes, we will with more more more interesting and more practical tips for both your partner and your spouse and your business and your relationships and your life. And if you have enjoyed our episodes and found them really valuable, please one share them to you friends and colleagues and whatnot. And also leave us a review on iTunes or Stitcher and we’d love to hear your feedback and honest ratings because all about improving and if you have any questions for us to answer in the next season, please now’s the time let us know because we’re going to start to record them. So you might English has just gone off the planet. Cindy What have you done to me it’s called in the matrix. So we will be talking about that in the upcoming season as well. And as I said, Yes. If you have any questions for us to answer please let us know via Instagram or on iTunes and we will as it up for you today. And we will see you next season. See you on the flip side and remember to live passionately, purposefully and confidently to next time.


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