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Looking to find remote jobs, remote work or flexible work that allows you to work from home? Here are some resources we’ve collected to help you find the right opportunity.

How do I find a remote job?

Click play below to listen to my tips on how to find the right remote job for you, and how to prepare yourself to land (better yet create) the right opportunity when it appears.

How to find retainer clients for your freelance business

If you’re side hustling or working as a freelancer you might be wondering how to get that magical retainer client.

You know, the rare breed of clients that will pay you good monthly recurring income to do work that you enjoy.

That’s the freelance dream, isn’t it?

After all, a handful of retainer clients paying you every single month (or even 1 or 2 big clients that have got you on retainer) would mean predictable cash flow, and you won’t need to suffer the stressful feast or famine cycle any longer.

Well, I can confidently say that “yes” it IS possible to get a great retainer client (or two), but first, you’ll need to adjust your mindset when it comes to what a “retainer client” actually looks like and what they’re actually after.

Listen to the following audio to learn the secret to landing a great retainer client.

Best Sites to Find Remote Jobs Online

Additional Remote Work Resources

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